Yad Konrad




Hello. I’m Yad.

I do applied research for a living.

Previously, my work has been around building meta-research tools to streamline research discovery. Areas of focus has been around contextual search, ranking algorithms and industrial automation. Prior to applied research, mainly focused on online education.

I might be open to collaborating if the stars align, (not sure what that means), Ping Me Maybe? I love what I do and I do it best with people who are passionate about their work. I also work with some fantastic collaborators :), if not me, then I can ping friends to advise.


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What Else?


My Research Interest(s):

  • Program Synthesis (ƛ) / Low-Rank Tensor Approximation. (specific)
  • Research Reproducibility In Machine Learning. (applied, machine learning)
  • Independent Research. (broad, economics)
  • Understanding The Nature Of Conversations. (broad, Linguistics)

Current Status:

  • Building an independent research institute
  • Learning more about language through practicing comedy.
  • Working on increasing my writing logs



Something New

an independent research institute

Working around independent research, research reproducibility and program synthesis.

my work covers


Head of Machine Learning and Research


Roby provides a conversational AI service hub for the next generation office. Roby learns from employees feedback to take predictive actions that resolve employee requests.

my work covers

  • Working with HVAC data and building energy simulators.
  • Building dynamics model for energy regulation within commerical buildings powered by Honeywell.
  • Research around zone of proximal development and productivity at work through environment sensors and support ticketing systems.

  • projects I work(ed) during this time:

    How Roby uses Machine Learning to make workspaces comfortable and productive:

    Read On Roby.


    Founder, Software Architect

    Easy Route

    Easy Route was a short lived startup that I founded during my school years working with Microsoft with the help of my Professor (Dr.Hemin Latif). It’s purpose was to find critical and faster routes using close friends routes that shared on the network. Mostly to report traffic accidents. Now, it’s a little tiny feature on Nokia Maps.

    my work covers

  • Introduced the use of GSM / GPRS data for geo-location without real Internet coverage in developing countries.
  • Built end to end hybrid graph algorithm to offer routing using GSM / GPRS data.
  • Used C#, ASP.net and lots of real graph algorithms.
  • 2017

    Machine Learning Engineer

    4th n Town

    I'm a founder of this company, My goal for this entity is to collaborate with other research teams by doing applied research in machine learning.

    my work covers

  • Implementing models from papers.
  • Working on Neural Machine Translation models.
  • Improving upon Seq2Seq Architectures.

  • projects I work(ed) during this time:

    Research Engineer

    I collaborated with a team of data scientists to build an Engineering Assistant using different approaches of machine learning, from linear models to deep learning.

  • Matching Issues with commits to avoid duplicate work.
  • Predicting labels for issues, whether; Bug, Feature or a Chore.
  • Generating commits from code.
  • Collecting Daily Stand Ups and summarizing them.
  • Issue Dup-Detector Demo Issue Labeler Demo


    Tech Lead & Web Architect

    Draper University

    I started from software engineering, then to lead the incredible technical team to build the following products:

    my work covers

  • Draper University Site
  • Draper TV
  • Draper U Online School

  • projects I work(ed) during this time:

    Web Architect

    I built a video streaming service end to end, to serve about 17 Terabyte of videos.

  • S3 with Elastic Transcoder right after video uploaded.
  • Lambda Service with EC2 instances to fetch the videos to application side.
  • Generating commits from code.
  • CloudFront with SQS to cache and expire videos streamed.


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani

    my work covers

  • The classes I loved; HTTP Protocol & Web Architecture, Algorithms Ground Up, Advanced Network Security, Research (Graph Algorithms) and finally Capstone Project in NLP.
  • AUI-S's CS program follows the ACM based curriculum.
  • I Built my first startup out of a research project here as well.

  • projects I work(ed) during school:

    Design Editor - (AUIS Voice)

    I helped starting an independent student newspaper for the first time in North Iraq.

    President - (ASITA)

    I started a computer science club on campus that worked on several applied CS projects.

    President / Member - (ACM Chapter)

    I opened the ACM student chapter in Iraq for the first time as well.


    Game Design / IAM(Interactive Art in Media)

    Columbia College Chicago

    😐 , nope, game design wasn’t the right one, dropped out back to CS degree at AUIS, though I learned about these topics in the meantime over there:

    my work covers

  • AI; Basic of AI algorithms within Video Games.
  • Literature; Studied ‘Hero With A Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell.
  • I Built my first startup out of a research project here as well.


    Foresight Institute Fellow

    Foresight Institute

    Joined the annual Foresight Institute in 2017, to brainstorm the impact of AI on different aspects of science.


    Clinton Foundation Panelist (Educating Refugees and Children in Crisis)

    The Clinton Foundation

    During the panel, I focused on how much education and sense of connections from outside world is needed with the generation left behind, in case of wars and catastrophes.


    Top Writer 2016


    "Combine the best answers to any question in one place". That’s what the goal is on Quora and I tend to share my part.


    AMENDS Fellow

    The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS)

    The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS) is a collaborative student-led initiative interested in the promotion of understanding and respect around the Middle East, and the support of a generation of leaders who are working to ignite concrete social and economic development in the MENA region.


    Microsoft YouthSpark Advocate


    YouthSpark Advocates are young leaders who have been selected to represent YouthSpark through online and offline activities. Advocates become subject matter experts in Microsoft YouthSpark world.


    Imagine Cup Winner / Microsoft Student Partner


    Won the 1st place for regional in 2011, 2nd Place for 2010 and became MSP to start the ACM chapters.

    My Brain-dumps in a writing log (WLOG):